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Andolini and his friend Boseda were sitting on the couch playing their favorite video game on their PS5. Andolini happened to notice a pensive man sitting on the sidewalk below his house, seemingly waiting for someone. Andolini leaned out the window to see more, dictated by his ample balls. The man saw that he was being watched, and as he met Andolini's gaze, a sudden excitement swept through him. Andolini took the opportunity to engage in a quite ordinary sidewalk conversation from his window. During this exchange Andolini learned that he was waiting for his girlfriend to go to the restaurant, but that she was late and that he could not contact her because he had no battery in his smartphone. Andolini, knowing his friend Boseda's taste for white heterosexuals and not having emptied his piece for more than an hour, proposed to this handsome stranger to go up to his place and charge his cell phone. Once upstairs, the stranger found himself facing 2 blocks recharge to the maximum with forms quite visible in their jogging. At the beginning, the beautiful man hesitated to return then Andolini put to him at ease by proposing him the charger of telephone which he needed. Once he returned and his phone was charged, Andolini and Boseda would offer him a game of PS5. Eventually, the handsome stranger got caught up in the game and found himself stuck between two large controllers that he couldn't help but empty. The rest in pictures ... here

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